We understand you and your needs.

We've seen it all.

As an independent pharmacy cooperative that started in the small town of Scottsboro, Alabama, now to a nationwide organization with nearly 2,500 members, we understand the unique challenges of doing business in a rural community.

We're here for you.

AAP is a cooperative, a legal entity managed by an elected Board of Directors and organized to conduct business for the collective benefit of its Members.

At AAP, we consider being part of a pharmacy cooperative like being part of a team. Our goal is to foster that feeling of community with our Members while also helping you optimize your pharmacy business. We're here to provide services that enhance your profitability and streamline operations so you can spend more time focused on your patients.

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What comes with being an AAP Member?

Being an AAP Member grants you benefits you would not otherwise receive without a cooperative, such as:

  • Competitive drug prices and high-volume buying power with no long-term vendor contracts
  • Flexible purchasing options from both our API Warehouse and/or our primary wholesaler
  • Annual Patronage Dividends
  • Store-specific purchasing analysis to optimize your buying strategy and profit margin
  • Access to proprietary business tools only from AAP, like ProfitAmp business intelligence, Scan & Toss ordering solution, free OTC Retail Plan-O-Grams and more

"AAP has helped us in a large way. Cost of medicines has been huge, making financial decisions on where to buy, keeping tabs on claims and customers with ProfitAmp, ordering easier with Scan & Toss and having a representative that can help us with practically any questions."

- Logan Whitley  
Whitley Drug