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Hot Button Legal Issues Facing Pharmacies in the Next 12 Months
May 13 @ 1 PM CDT  |  Jeffrey Baird, Brown & Fortunato

78 million Baby Boomers are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. The demand for prescription drugs and related pharmacy services is expected to increase exponentially. Along with increased demand will come increased scrutiny of pharmacies by government regulators, third-party payors, and others. In order to successfully withstand this scrutiny, pharmacies need to be aware of the most important legal issues they will be facing in the upcoming months. This program will discuss these “hot button” issues and the steps that pharmacies should take to navigate them. Among other issues, this program will discuss

  • the imposition by states of excise taxes on opioids;
  • how to fill out PBM re-enrollment questionnaires;
  • how to respond to a PBM audit;
  • the legal requirements to reduce or waive copayments;
  • providing consulting pharmacy services, EHR software, and other products and services to long term care facilities;
  • responding to an FDA inspection; and
  • entering into the CBD space.

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Naloxone: The Underused and Overused Solution to the Opioid Epidemic
May 14  @ 1 PM CDT  |  Nicholas Cox, University of Utah

Given the national “opioid crisis,” the use of rescue outpatient naloxone has increased substantially. However, while the drug is often prescribed or offered, barriers such as cost, access, stigma, complicated administration, pharmacist experience, and the need for education of family and friends has led to substantial underutilization of naloxone dispensing in pharmacies as well as underuse in patients. The purpose of this continuing education presentation is to provide you with an overview of why and how community pharmacies can become more actively engaged in naloxone distribution.

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Strategies to Increase and Diversify Your Non-PBM Revenue Streams
May 21 @ 1 PM CDT  |  Lisa Faast, PDS

The independent pharmacy industry is continuously evolving. As pharmacy owners, we have to evolve as well if we want to not only survive, but thrive. This course will introduce you to new revenue streams that the PBMs can’t touch and discuss diversification strategies that can increase your bottom line. It is possible to serve your patients with the care and dedication you have always strived for AND run a profitable business.

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Key Performance Indicators that Impact your Bottom Line, Cash Flow and Valuation
May 27 @ 1 PM CDT  |  Ollin & Scott Sykes, Sykes & Company, P.A.

Pharmacies today face many obstacles, including lower reimbursements, DIR fees, and regulatory burdens, yet some pharmacies still remain as profitable as ever. These thriving pharmacies all have one thing in common...a sound fundamental accounting system that provides the kind of data, key performance indicators, and insights needed to proactively plan and outperform industry averages. This course will define a sound accounting system for pharmacies and will overview certain key performance indicators that pharmacies must know in order to enhance their bottom line, increase cash flow and maximize their pharmacies’ value.

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Considerations for Retail LTC Combo Shops
May 28 @ 1 PM CDT  |  Richard Colley, Cardinal Health

Are you considering LTC as an opportunity to expand your pharmacy business? This session will cover everything that needs to be considered when evaluating Retail LTC Combo for your pharmacy, including the types of patients that need to be serviced to qualify, the types of services that need to be provided, financial opportunities and risks, and the differences between Retail LTC combo shop pharmacies and Closed Door LTC pharmacies. Find out if a Retail LTC Combo plan is right for you.

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Brand Matters
June 3 @ 1 PM CDT  |  DeAnn Mullins, Mullins Pharmacy

The internet and social media are reshaping our societal norms. Everything from politics to retail to the way we see the world and interact with it has been affected.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been crushing the social media game for 20 years. The internet will suffocate everything except the people or organizations that communicate best and provide the most value. In a world where everything is a commodity, brand is all you have. Let’s talk about yours.

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